Rohan’s Drawings….. where it all began

Hi!!  Rohan’s mum here.  I thought I’d give you the backstory behind the Koala saving, firefighter thanking, robot drawing boy.   If you are wondering if I am a pushy mother trying to turn my child into the Australian version of Greta whatshername – fear not.  There is no political agenda, I’m just a mum doing what I can... Continue Reading →


Welcome and thank you for reading my blog!!  I am 33 hours away from heading off on a trip to UK and Europe for 5 weeks and instead of packing/organising/planning I am laying on my bed doing what I do best - procrastinating.  In typical Bianca fashion, I leave the most crucial and vital jobs... Continue Reading →

Paris – Day 3

Today has been another HUGE day. We decided to go to Versailles because I had heard about how amazing it is and I also wanted to learn a bit about French History (I know nothing… seriously nothing).   Reviews from various websites recommended that I pre-purchase tickets that allowed me to skip the queue -... Continue Reading →

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