My Night as a Proper New Yorker.

When I last left you I was in Macy’s McDonalds eating Isabelle’s unwanted Happy Meal apples.

I had been messaging my friend in Australia (who is American) all day and she had kindly organised tickets for me to see her brothers band all the way down town. I am a huge fan of his band, Valley Lodge, so I was super excited.

Being stuck in the Macy’s queue for 43 minutes meant that I had run out of time to go back to the hotel before heading out. All the other dance Mum’s were too tired or busy to come with me so I decided to ditch everyone (children/mum) at Macy’s and head downtown myself. This worried my mother no end (she is such a good mum – she would never have lumped her offspring with her mum at Macy’s to go see a band) and she made me promise that I would catch a cab and NOT try to walk or ride the subway by myself.

I made a solemn promise to her that I definitely would NOT ride the Subway before happily skipping off in the direction of the nearest Subway Station. I did briefly consider catching an Uber or a cab but wanted the full NY experience. I’m so lucky my girls are such rule followers and do everything I say (unless what I say breaks a rule of some kind – which frequently happens, leaving them in a no win situation!!). My poor mum, it must be awful to have such a disobedient child.

She had nothing to worry about as the Subway seemed completely fine! A gentleman helped me with my ticket, when I struggled to swipe it properly. “There’s no public transport where I’m from” I told him. Slight lie, but if you insert the word “good” in between no and public then the sentence is true.

On the subway my ticket fell out of my pocket on to the chair and another gentleman gestured to me to let me know – so helpful!! It was such an adventure!! I did not see one single crime, gun or even a seedy looking alley way, which left me ever so slightly disappointed.

I hopped off at the correct station and happily made my way towards the club where Dave’s band was playing. I was totally in a trendy but alternative NY neighbourhood and the club was definitely not touristy. I feel like if SATC was still running it would totally be a place where the girls might go.

If only I hadn’t worn my Samsonite anti-theft handbag, practical shoes and 7 layers of clothes, none of which were designed to assist in fending off sleet, then I may have been able to pass myself off as a real NY resident. I was there on my own so no one would be able to identify me by my Aussie accent. But blend in I coudn’t (due to the things mentioned above) and it probably was for the best because people, being curious about this misplaced tourist, started talking to me.

The bands were AMAZING and I had drinks and such an awesome time!! Dave’s band was definitely my favourite and I’m not just saying that because I am friends with his sister and he composed the theme song for my favourite show (Last Week Tonight With John Oliver). Dave is also a stand up comedian and has written two books so you don’t just get awesome music, he also throws in lots of jokes between songs.

After the band finished playing I got to chat with Dave who was very lovely. I’m sure his big sister might have sibling pressured him in to having to meet me and he probably thought I was some weirdo stalker/groupie type. To be fair, I do contain a little bit groupie in me. I’m totally Bill Bryson’s groupie/stalker (Bill Bryson is my favourite author). I’ve corresponded with him via email (practically pen pals) and met him once at a meet and greet. Definitely embarrassing behaviour (more so than usual) emerges and erupts from me when in the presence of someone I admire greatly. I once met my favourite band, Counting Crows, and if it wasn’t for my sister wearing a shirt that revealed a lot of cleavage, I would not have been invited back to have drinks with them on account of my gushingly ridiculous behaviour #savedbythecleavage. Unfortunately the cleavage alone wasn’t enough to sustain their attention back where they were having drinks and my sister and I consceded defeat when 18 year old stick insects started gyrating all over them. The Counting Crows were not interested in my intellect (or in that circumstance – lack thereof).

Thankfully the few drinks I had downed mellowed out my excitable behaviour and I think I was able to give off the illusion of a person who totally sees bands, drinks alcohol and does really cool things on a regular basis. I may or may not have spent a disproportionate amount of time discussing Rohan but that was only due to A) alcohol making me miss his grubby face so, so much and B) Dave’s nephew is Rohan’s good friend so I thought it wasn’t too much off topic to talk endlessly about my grubbiest and most enthusiastically passionate-about-everything, excitable child. He would LOVE Valley Lodge. They are right up his alley.

The night ended with me arriving home (after catching another Subway) at 2am. Poor mum hadn’t slept a wink on account of her instinctively knowing that I would have immediately disregarded her strict instructions NOT to go on the Subway and defaulted on all the fatuous but also earnest assurances that I would 100% follow all the safety rules and safe travel knowledge she imparted on me.

Lucky she loves me!! I think I might be her Rohan!!

Thanks for reading!!

B xx

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