One night in Paris

Another big drive today from the French Alps to Paris but with European motorways having a speed limit of 130km/hr and being fantastically maintained we were able to cover a great distance in what seemed to us to be a relatively short period of time. We covered over 500km in 6 hours and that was... Continue Reading →

Castagnole Monferrato

The last two days have been about journeying back to Paris so we can board the Eurostar, head back to London then fly home from Heathrow. I have the post holiday blues already and it still isn’t officially over! Castagnole Monferrato was chosen simply because it was not far off the route we were taking... Continue Reading →

Rome in a Day

Well my recommendation would definitely be - do NOT do Rome in 1 day.  You need at least a week, minus children, to explore all that Rome has to offer.  Preferably go during a colder period when the place isn’t so overrun with tourists.   The kiddies, minus Rohan (who is happy and excited about... Continue Reading →

Tuscany to Pomezia

Today we bid a sad farewell to our newfound home in the Tuscan countryside and began to make the 3 hour journey to our next destination, the seaside town of Pomezia. Our Airbnb promised a 400m walk to the beach and a 40 minute train journey in to Rome.  We imagined that the seaside town... Continue Reading →

Last day on our Tuscan Farm

Before I start today’s blog I have 2 very important announcements.  Rohan would like me to let you all know that in my previous blog, I used the word “pet” in an incorrect/inappropriate manner (i.e. pet the dog).  He said in Australian language we say “pat” the dog and that “pet” is more American.  Ben... Continue Reading →

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