Castagnole Monferrato

The last two days have been about journeying back to Paris so we can board the Eurostar, head back to London then fly home from Heathrow. I have the post holiday blues already and it still isn’t officially over! Castagnole Monferrato was chosen simply because it was not far off the route we were taking... Continue Reading →

Rome in a Day

Well my recommendation would definitely be - do NOT do Rome in 1 day.  You need at least a week, minus children, to explore all that Rome has to offer.  Preferably go during a colder period when the place isn’t so overrun with tourists.   The kiddies, minus Rohan (who is happy and excited about... Continue Reading →

Tuscany to Pomezia

Today we bid a sad farewell to our newfound home in the Tuscan countryside and began to make the 3 hour journey to our next destination, the seaside town of Pomezia. Our Airbnb promised a 400m walk to the beach and a 40 minute train journey in to Rome.  We imagined that the seaside town... Continue Reading →

Last day on our Tuscan Farm

Before I start today’s blog I have 2 very important announcements.  Rohan would like me to let you all know that in my previous blog, I used the word “pet” in an incorrect/inappropriate manner (i.e. pet the dog).  He said in Australian language we say “pat” the dog and that “pet” is more American.  Ben... Continue Reading →

I don’t want to leave!!!

I love this place so much.  Incredible beauty, fascinating history and affectionate people who treat you like long lost relatives after one meeting.  Even the dog’s are friendly in Italy. I’ve observed, in my limited travels of UK and Europe, that dogs from different countries behave differently towards us.  Dogs in Australia, seem to me to... Continue Reading →

Tuscany Day 2

My first morning waking up under the Tuscan sun did not mirror the fantasy I have held since watching “Stealing Beauty” 22 years ago. Rather than waking up of my own accord and stretching out lazily in my bed whilst gazing calmly at my serene surroundings and stunning view, I was impolitely woken by an... Continue Reading →

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