One night in Paris

Another big drive today from the French Alps to Paris but with European motorways having a speed limit of 130km/hr and being fantastically maintained we were able to cover a great distance in what seemed to us to be a relatively short period of time. We covered over 500km in 6 hours and that was… Continue reading One night in Paris

Lescheraines, Rhone-Alpes (France) – Our last Airbnb

Our journey from Castagnole Monferrato to our final Airbnb in the French Alps should have been a leisurely drive. However, I conveniently needed to go to the toilet every time I saw a highway service station so I could check whether they sold the two things I have become completely obsessed with. One is the… Continue reading Lescheraines, Rhone-Alpes (France) – Our last Airbnb