Grand Canyon to Vegas via Bearizona

I would have been absolutely devastated to leave the Grand Canyon had it not been for the one slither of excitement that was awaiting me after our departure. Bearizona. One hour outside the Grand Canyon is a drive through park where you can see REAL LIVE BEARS coming up to your car!!! I've never seen… Continue reading Grand Canyon to Vegas via Bearizona

The Grand Canyon – Grander than pictures would have you believe.

There are few things in this world I dislike more than polyester. Being cold and early mornings are two that are on par with my disdain for polyester. If you combine those two things then the result is catastrophic. An early morning IN THE COLD is high up on my list of most unpleasant things… Continue reading The Grand Canyon – Grander than pictures would have you believe.

Oatman, Arizona and Historical Route 66

Friday morning we awoke at the crack of sparrows fart in order to have breakfast and hit the road before 7am. It was an absolute miracle, but somehow it happened!! Best Western at 29 Palms provided a delicious hot breakfast and it was included in their regular price. It was such a nice place!! I… Continue reading Oatman, Arizona and Historical Route 66