My Night as a Proper New Yorker.

When I last left you I was in Macy’s McDonalds eating Isabelle’s unwanted Happy Meal apples. I had been messaging my friend in Australia (who is American) all day and she had kindly organised tickets for me to see her brothers band all the way down town. I am a huge fan of his band,… Continue reading My Night as a Proper New Yorker.

First Day in NYC!!!

Our first day in NYC was not what I expected or had prepared for but ended up being the best day EVER!! But first we must go through a bit/lot of whinging. It is one of my finest talents (along with superb bladder control and being able to sleep anywhere - a woman of many… Continue reading First Day in NYC!!!

24 Hours of Hell

For some. Not for me though as I had a lovely 10 hour or so snooze on the first flight and then a solid 3 hours on the second flight. We left Brisbane Thursday morning and hopped on a QANTAS Dreamliner flight. 12 hours of flying would take us straight from Brisbane to LAX. The… Continue reading 24 Hours of Hell

GIRLS ON (a dance) TOUR

Four years ago I dragged Kylah to a new musical theatre school despite her loud, anguished protests that she was happy at her current one. The musical theatre school she had been at was certainly comfortable for her, but it cost me a small fortune and I could not see any progress in her abilities.… Continue reading GIRLS ON (a dance) TOUR

Item 5 – Googa Experience & my own near death experience

I arrived at Moreton Island today at about 2:45pm.  Moreton Island was chosen for a few very specific reasons.  1.  I have never been there despite spending more than 50% of my life living within 10 minutes of Moreton Bay.  2.  It would be impossible to tap out in the middle of the night as… Continue reading Item 5 – Googa Experience & my own near death experience

FORTY THINGS – Update on Items 1 – 6 plus items 7 – 12

Hey!!  Thanks for reading. Before I launch into the new items on my list I thought I'd update you on the amazing progress that I have made so far on items 1 - 6. Item 1 - Become a Successful Blogger - I decided that I was going to define success by finding out how… Continue reading FORTY THINGS – Update on Items 1 – 6 plus items 7 – 12

40 things (or so) to do before I’m 40. Item’s 1 – 6

Far out!  If I can't think of 40 things to do, or if I run out of time to do them I am placing the blame squarely on the shoulders of Word Press.  I feel like I have practically gained a degree in Information Technology and Website Design whilst trying to navigate their 'beginner' web… Continue reading 40 things (or so) to do before I’m 40. Item’s 1 – 6

One night in Paris

Another big drive today from the French Alps to Paris but with European motorways having a speed limit of 130km/hr and being fantastically maintained we were able to cover a great distance in what seemed to us to be a relatively short period of time. We covered over 500km in 6 hours and that was… Continue reading One night in Paris