The most Vegasy Las Vegas day one could ever hope to have.

MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Gambling, winning

If I had to use one word to describe Las Vegas I would say.......... FAKE. Fake copies of iconic buildings, fake waterfalls, fake tits, fake hair extensions, people faking their wealth.... I could go on and on. Never has the divide between haves and have nots been so apparent this whole trip as it has… Continue reading The most Vegasy Las Vegas day one could ever hope to have.

Grand Canyon to Vegas via Bearizona

I would have been absolutely devastated to leave the Grand Canyon had it not been for the one slither of excitement that was awaiting me after our departure. Bearizona. One hour outside the Grand Canyon is a drive through park where you can see REAL LIVE BEARS coming up to your car!!! I've never seen… Continue reading Grand Canyon to Vegas via Bearizona

The Grand Canyon – Grander than pictures would have you believe.

There are few things in this world I dislike more than polyester. Being cold and early mornings are two that are on par with my disdain for polyester. If you combine those two things then the result is catastrophic. An early morning IN THE COLD is high up on my list of most unpleasant things… Continue reading The Grand Canyon – Grander than pictures would have you believe.

Oatman, Arizona and Historical Route 66

Friday morning we awoke at the crack of sparrows fart in order to have breakfast and hit the road before 7am. It was an absolute miracle, but somehow it happened!! Best Western at 29 Palms provided a delicious hot breakfast and it was included in their regular price. It was such a nice place!! I… Continue reading Oatman, Arizona and Historical Route 66

Getting out of Anaheim. Our day trip to Laguna Beach.

For all of my OCD friends, and surprisingly there are a lot of you, this post comes with a warning: I am skipping my last 3 NYC blogs (which are half written and full of stories involving brothels, best places to shop, tips on where to stay, parole offices and dodgy Disney characters) and I… Continue reading Getting out of Anaheim. Our day trip to Laguna Beach.

Coney Island

The kids only had two free days in NYC. The first was spent being snowed on in a slow moving bus before napping/shopping. The second proved to be a HUGE dilemma. We took the kids to Central Park in the morning and that kept most of them happy for about an hour. Then we were… Continue reading Coney Island

Riding Around New York

Our second day in New York was overflowing with back to back activities, each sounding exceedingly unenticing to a person whose main goal in life is to wander around in pyjamas, sit in parks and take frequent naps. I had been out the night before (for your reference: ) and was feeling ever so… Continue reading Riding Around New York

Central Park

Central Park is without a doubt the best thing about NYC. It almost makes up for the fact that NY businesses dump their rubbish right on the sidewalk producing all kinds of funky smells. (I'm not joking - picture evidence below) It is HUGE!! If memory serves me right I think it's about 770 acres… Continue reading Central Park

NEW YORK! NEW YORK! Bianca’s tips on NOT getting sick.

They say New York is the city that never sleeps. Regrettably for me I AM a person who LOVES to sleep (and slob). Bianca + NY = a whirlwind flurry of activities, sights, snoozes, Broadway Shows, long strolls, food and more snoozes. Apart from 1 day, where I spent an hour blogging in Central Park… Continue reading NEW YORK! NEW YORK! Bianca’s tips on NOT getting sick.